Amigos Translate adheres to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas). On our booking forms we do not provide an option to only request a male or a female interpreter, an interpreter from a specific religion, ethnic group, country, race etc. for an interpreting job unless there has been an accepted application to the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner for an exemption (or a feasible reason stated in the additional information/comments section that is likely to satisfy the Act).

An interpreter is a language professional and not a social worker, advocate, bi-cultural worker. An interpreter should be booked for their language skills and not primarily their similarity to your client/patient, although we do accept requests for specific dialects of a language eg. Sudanese/Juba Arabic, West/Central African Swahili to ensure the most positive interpreting experience. Amigo’s takes discrimination very seriously and would like to educate all our customers. Please beware that making innocent assumptions regarding different cultural groups eg. that a female with a Muslim sounding name should only have a female interpreter can breach the Act, as this is not a rule throughout the Muslim world and we cannot decide who is a Muslim or practicing Muslim.

To reduce discrimination against our interpreters we suggest they make the following statement before commencing an interpreting session; “I am here as an interpreter to help you understand in our language. I am here because of my language skills and not my similarity to you. I am not here just because of my similarity to you by ethnic group, religion, gender, country of origin, colour etc. It is illegal under Australian law to discriminate against anyone because of these factors.”

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