24 Hour Service

All-Hours, Tassie-Wide Interpreting Service

Interpreters can be provided throughout ALL of Tasmania, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bookings can also be made 24 hours a day. For after hours bookings phone 62285480.

Service Guarantee (Interpreting)

If the job is not done to your satisfaction then it is FREE and an extra job is also provided for FREE.

NAATI Certified Translators & Interpreters

We Specialise in Providing NAATI Certified Translators & Interpreters

All* our translators are NAATI certified/recognised. NAATI certified/recognised interpreters can be provided in major demand languages, where required and available. * for languages where NAATI testing is available.

No Risk, Fully Insured Service Provision

All our interpreters are employees (NOT Sub-Contractors), meaning YOU can rest assured there is no liability to your organisation/department should anything go wrong. All our interpreters are covered under our professional indemnity, public liability and workers compensation insurance.

Professional & Ethical Staff

All our employees MUST adhere to the Australian Institute of Interpreters & Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics and are regularly trained to ensure ethical behaviour.

Ethical Business Practices

Amigos is a member of the Australasian Association of Language Companies. All our interpreters are employees and paid above industry wages. As a business we must adhere to the AALC Code of Ethics

Legal Translation Specialist  

Specialist in legal document translation for local law firms. Give Amigos a go as we will beat any quote and you are supporting a local.

NDIS Registered Provider

BGM Amigos Pty Ltd (Trading as Amigos Interpreters & Translators) is a National Disability Insurance Agency Registered Provider of interpreting and translating services in Tasmania for NDIS participants

Our Provider Registration Number is 4050009135

NDIS participants, or a person or organisation acting on their behalf, must contact Amigos directly to organise language support services. Please email admin@amigostranslate.com.au or phone 6228 5480.


Amigos Translate adheres to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas). On our booking forms we do not provide an option to only request a male or a female interpreter, an interpreter from a specific religion, ethnic group, country, race etc. for an interpreting job unless there has been an accepted application to the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner for an exemption (or a feasible reason stated in the additional information/comments section that is likely to satisfy the Act).

An interpreter is a language professional and not a social worker, advocate, bi-cultural worker. An interpreter should be booked for their language skills and not primarily their similarity to your client/patient, although we do accept requests for specific dialects of a language eg. Sudanese/Juba Arabic, West/Central African Swahili to ensure the most positive interpreting experience. Amigo’s takes discrimination very seriously and would like to educate all our customers. Please beware that making innocent assumptions regarding different cultural groups eg. that a female with a Muslim sounding name should only have a female interpreter can breach the Act, as this is not a rule throughout the Muslim world and we cannot decide who is a Muslim or practicing Muslim.

To reduce discrimination against our interpreters we suggest they make the following statement before commencing an interpreting session; “I am here as an interpreter to help you understand in our language. I am here because of my language skills and not my similarity to you. I am not here just because of my similarity to you by ethnic group, religion, gender, country of origin, colour etc. It is illegal under Australian law to discriminate against anyone because of these factors.”

Tasmania’s First

Established in 1996, Amigos is Tasmania’s first independent interpreting & translating agency. We are also the only Tasmanian-based agency employing interpreters and specialising in providing NAATI certified interpreters. We do not provide sub-contractors! All this ensures the quality of our service.